Lana Shahmoradian is a director & multidisciplinary creative director based in NY.

Lana has a BS in Biology, Pre-Medicine and Sculpture, and an MS in Mass Communications. She began her career at Wieden & Kennedy where she established skills in generating insight-driven conceptual creative for diverse clients ranging from Target to Nike to ESPN. In the last decade plus, she has worked across a diverse spectrum of companies ranging from boutique branding studios to full-service ad agencies, fashion agencies and appointed in-house at brands such as Tory Burch where she helped lead the launch of Tory Sport. 

In 2017, Lana set up her independent practice & studio, serving clients such as Glossier, Chandelier Creative, Mythology Studios, Billie, Uniqlo, Google Creative Lab, Estee Lauder and beyond. She is also CEO/Co-founder and Creative Director of female-run creative agency, SISTER, who has served as agency of record for clients such as adidas, Stella McCartney, Health-Ade Kombucha, and Bleach London.

Though now light years away from her original trajectory into the field of medicine, Lana’s background in biology & medicine continues to steer her interest in nature, wellness, sustainability, with the natural world being a large influence in her work.

Her multidimensional experience working inside and outside the fashion world lends itself to her approach to creative direction which merges a strategic mindset with an editorial eye for discovering fresh, emerging voices in the world of photography, filmmaking, casting, styling, music and the visual arts.           ︎